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Just as a skilled chef knows the right blend of ingredients can turn a dish into a masterpiece, designers are realising that combining graphic design and illustration can set the stage for an exciting future in the ever-evolving world of design. 

Ever find yourself thinking that graphic design alone might not be enough to future-proof your career? 

Well, grab a virtual seat because we’re about to dive into the exciting realm of multidisciplinary design and why combining graphic design and illustration skills can open up a world of possibilities.

Why You Need Multidisciplinary Skills in Today’s Design World

Picture this: the design industry is a fast-moving train, and if you want to ride it, you need to be flexible and adaptable. That’s where multidisciplinary skills come into play.

The Power of Illustration in Graphic Design

Think about this for a second – you’re not just a graphic designer anymore; you’re an illustrator too. Imagine being able to turn your client’s ideas into visual masterpieces that not only reflect their brand but also tell a unique story. That’s the magic of combining graphic design and illustration.


The Latest Trends in Design

Illustrative Branding

One of the hottest trends in design right now is illustrative branding. Companies are ditching stock images for custom illustrations that capture their brand’s personality.

As a graphic designer with illustration skills, this is where you can swoop in and save the day! Offering clients a visual identity that’s as unique as their story.

Digital Storytelling
Storytelling is the heart and soul of design, and illustrations are your secret weapon. Visual narratives are all the rage, especially in web design and marketing. As a designer with both graphic and illustration skills, you can craft captivating stories that leave a lasting impression.

Enhancing User Experience
User experience (UX) is king in web and app design. Want to make your user journey unforgettable? Incorporate custom illustrations into your UX designs. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an experience that users will love.

How This Translates into Business Growth

Let’s get down to business – your business growth, to be precise. As a graphic designer, you’ve got a solid foundation. But when you throw illustration into the mix, you become a dynamic force in the design world.

Offer More Services
Imagine offering your clients more than just standard design services. With illustration skills, you can bring infographics, custom icons, and animated illustrations to the table. More services mean more revenue streams.

Stand Out from the Crowd
In a crowded market, having a unique selling point (USP) is essential. Being a multidisciplinary designer who can tackle both graphic design and illustration sets you apart. Clients love to work with designers who can do it all.

Embrace the Future of Design

So there you have it, just as a chef artfully combines flavours to create a culinary masterpiece, designers are discovering that the fusion of graphic design and illustration is the recipe for success in the dynamic world of design.

Graphic designers who add illustration to their toolkit are ready to seize remarkable opportunities and supercharge their business growth.

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Here’s to a future filled with endless creative possibilities!

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