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digital Illustrator and Designer, Kat Potter sitting crossed legged with a black cat on her shoulder.

Design + Drawing
= Dollars

An ecourse for graphic designers who want to upskill, increase their service offering and make more money.

Brisbane Illustrator and surface pattern designer, Kat Potter

Picture this: You’re at your desk, surrounded by your usual design projects, feeling a tug for something more.

You’ve aced graphic design, but now, you crave that spark of creativity that once set your heart ablaze.

An idea flickers: What if you could weave illustration into your designs? 

Doubt whispers, “Am I really cut out for illustration?” 

The thought of tackling new software and monetising these skills seems daunting.

Yet, there’s a part of you yearning to elevate your work, to transform it from great to extraordinary.

Let me guess…

You dream of expanding your offerings, not just to boost your income but to rekindle your passion for design. 

This is where your adventure begins.

A journey to seamlessly blend illustration with graphic design, a path leading to both financial growth and creative fulfilment.

Brisbane surface pattern artist Kat Potter from Little Black Kat Creative

Ready for a splash of pizzazz in your design world?

Think of this course as your secret weapon,
the ‘oomph’ factor in your graphic design journey.

It’s not just about doodling on the sidelines;

it’s about catapulting your designs from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ with the magic of illustration.

3 icon illustrations of a rocket, computer monitor and pens in a mug

Think you need to be born with a sketchpad in hand to succeed?


This is about shaking things up with the skills you already rock at.

It’s like finding a hidden compartment in your creative tool box, filled with colours and shapes you never knew existed.

Then honing those existing skills to grow your creative business and make some serious moola.

We’re not just talking a nifty little upskill here.

We’re talking a full-blown, fireworks-in-the-sky kind of transformation that turns your design packages from ‘just another option’ to ‘must-have masterpieces’.

Strap in, sunshine.

It’s time to dive headfirst into the illustration pool – the water’s fine, and the creative possibilities?




The Illustration Inkubator

A Seven-week ecourse, kicking off in October!

If you’re dreaming of designs that not only dazzle your clients but also bring in more dough

If you’re yearning to transform your standard design packages into unique, irresistible offerings that clients can’t help but say ‘yes’ to…

If you crave the satisfaction of not just calling yourself a designer but an illustrator too, broadening your horizon and increasing your market value

Your creative transformation begins with
The Illustration Inkubator.

It’s not just about adding illustration to your skillset; it’s about elevating your entire design business to a level where ‘ordinary’ is a word of the past.

With these new skills, you’ll open doors to opportunities that were previously out of reach, diversify your income sources, and infuse a fresh burst of creativity into every project.

Get ready to redefine your design journey and watch your business soar.

Brisbane graphic designer, illustrator and surface pattern artist Kat Potter from Little Black Kat Creative

Hey, I’m Kat.

Your artistic ally in this design adventure!

With a backpack full of 20+ years in design and a heart deeply rooted in illustration, I’m here to share some insider secrets.

Think of me as your friendly neighbourhood designer-illustrator, who turned a love for lines and colours into a booming freelance business.

I’ve walked the path of transforming standard designs into ‘wow’ pieces and now, I’m spilling the beans to help you do the same.

Ready to make your designs not just seen, but unforgettable?

Let’s dive in together!


The Illustration Inkubator

Kickstart Your Creative Revolution

Step into the magic of transforming your graphic design journey with “The Illustration Inkubator”.

This isn’t just any course – it’s your secret passageway to a world where your designs don’t just speak; they sing.

Ready for a sneak peek into what’s in store?

Digital illustration of a stylised yellow chicken standing with some eggs

Seven Sparkling Modules

With 7 jam-packed modules, each bursting with 3-4 lessons of pure gold, you’ll go from illustration newbie to ninja. We’re talking the kind of skills that mesh perfectly with your graphic design prowess, making your work the stuff of legends.

A Facebook Group That Rocks

Imagine a clubhouse where every member is as psyched about design as you are. That’s our community – your new design fam!

Weekly Wisdom Calls

A weekly pow-wow with minds as curious as yours, guided by yours truly, where no question is too small, and every answer is a lightbulb moment. These calls are where the magic happens, turning doubts into confidence.

Tools of the Trade

Get your hands on the kind of resources that make your creative process smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter. Worksheets, Adobe Illustrator brushes, practice sheets – you name it, I’ve got it, making sure your journey from designer to design-illustrator is as seamless as can be.

Gear up for greatness.
The leap from designer to illustrator starts here.

Here’s What’s Up for Grabs:

    Skill Level Up

    Watch as your design offerings bloom with new illustration flair, setting you miles apart from the crowd.

    Creative Liberation

    Unlock a treasure trove of creativity, and sprinkle it liberally across your projects, turning “meh” into “wow” with every click.

    Business Boom

    Discover the joys of not just earning more but enjoying more, as you diversify what you can offer to the world.

    What’s the Endgame?

    Imagine a portfolio so dazzling, clients can’t help but stare.

    Skills so sharp, your work cuts through the noise.

    And a business so thriving, your only question is, “What next?”

    That’s the destination we’re headed to – one illustration at a time.







    The Modules

    Module 1: Diving into Digital Illustration

    Welcome to the colourful starting line of your illustration journey. 

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • The Big Picture: Grasp how digital illustration can jazz up your graphic design game.
    • Drawing Habits: Discover how sneaking drawing into your routine can transform your illustration skills and creativity.
    • Toolbox Essentials: The lowdown on the software and tools that’ll become your new best friends.
    Module 2: Mastering the Magic of Adobe Illustrator

    Ready to wield Adobe Illustrator like a wizard? 

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Tool Time: An insider’s tour of Illustrator’s tool palette.
    • Drawing 101: Basic drawing techniques using shape, line and fill tools + understanding anchor points, paths, and Bezier curves.
    • Brushes & Brush Tools: Brushes and Brush Tools. How to install new brushes + where to purchase them.
    • Layering like a pro: Working with layers and organising artwork in Illustrator.
    Module 3: Skill Development

    Let’s kick things up a notch with skills that’ll make your work pop:

    • Sketch to Digital: How to digitise (vectorise) hand-drawn sketches.
    • Reference Right: How to use reference images without playing copycat.
    • Texture Tricks: Adding that ‘oomph’ factor with textures—and snag some bonus brushes too!
    Module 4: Carving Out Your Creative Niche

    Finding your place in the vast illustration universe:

    • Niche Know-How: Marrying your design work with illustration.
    • Styles Galore: Exploring different styles in digital illustration.
    • Passion Projects: Identify your interests and passions, with worksheets to help give you clarity.
    Module 5: Building an Illustration Portfolio That Pops

    Time to put your best work on display and make it shine:

    • Curate with Care: Selecting illustrations that tell your story—diverse, cohesive, or somewhere in between.
    • To Merge or Not to Merge: Deciding whether your illustration gems live with your design work or stand alone.
    • Portfolio Show-Off: Tips on showcasing your work with flair (context is queen!) and peeking into other illustrators’ showcases for inspiration.
    Module 6: Mastering the Art of Pricing and Proposals

    Let’s talk numbers and knock-out proposals:

    • Pricing with Panache: Navigating the maze of illustration pricing strategies without losing your mind.
    • Quote Like a Pro: Master the art of brief taking for spot-on quotes that win you the gig!
    • Proposal Perfection: Writing proposals that dazzle (complete with timelines, deliverables, and those oh-so-important revisions) plus a little nudge towards the legal side of things (disclaimer: not legal advice!).
    Module 7: Marketing and Monetizing Your Illustration Magic

    Ready to get your illustration services out there and watch the cash roll in?

    • Marketing Masterplan: Developing a strategy that puts your illustrations on the map.
    • Brand Brilliance: Creating an online presence that’s as professional as you are artistically gifted.
    • Collaborate to Elevate: Teaming up with pros and agencies to boost each other’s game.
    • Cash In: Unearthing new revenue streams from licensing to merch, and beyond. Discover platforms where your illustrations can earn you more than just likes.

    Early Bird Bonus Offers


    Join during the early bird period and get my bonuses valued at $500


    Exclusive 1:1 Session with Kat Potter

    Let’s chat about anything and everything – course creation, design, illustration, freelancing – with your’s truly.

    Snag an exclusive 30-minute 1-on-1 session with me.

    This is your chance to dive deep, ask those burning questions, and get personalised advice from an industry expert who’s seen it all and is here to share her secrets with you.

    Whether you’re looking to polish your design skills, master the art of freelancing, or just need a creative pep talk, this golden hour is your ticket to invaluable insights.

    Valid for 3 months post-course.

    Valued at $195


    Have your Portfolio Reviewed by Kat

    You’ll have the opportunity to have your work critiqued, polished, and possibly sprinkled with a bit of magic dust.

    Over the years, I’ve seen a thing or two, and I can’t wait to dive into your creations, offering personalised feedback that can help elevate your portfolio from good to “Is this even mine?!” level.

    Looking to refine your style, perfect your technique, or just seeking confirmation you’re on the right path?

    This review is your stepping stone to greatness.

    Plus, it’s valid for 3 months post-course, so there’s plenty of time to apply your new skills and make your portfolio truly stand out.

    Valued at $195


    Sales Funnel Starter Kit by Anna Dower

    Feeling lost in the world of sales funnels?

    Not sure how to turn leads into loyal fans without losing your mind?

    My mate Anna Dower has your back.

    Dive into the “Sales Funnel Starter Kit”, a mini e-course designed to demystify the process of creating an effective sales funnel.

    You’ll get a step-by-step guide, a hands-on workbook, an irresistible read & lead magnet cheat sheet to spark inspiration, plus email templates and a MailChimp tutorial to automate your funnel like a pro.

    Say goodbye to stress and hello to streamlined success. 

    Valued at $60


    Palette Perfection Colour guide

    Palette Perfection Colour Guide

    This is your ultimate 20-page companion to conquering colour indecision!

    Dive into a world of colour with 40 pre-made palettes, meticulously crafted to inspire and enhance your projects.

    Gain a deeper understanding of colour theory and psychology, and unlock the secrets to evoking the right emotions through your designs.

    PLUS, get exclusive access to a curated list of helpful colour palette-generating websites, empowering you to create with confidence and precision.

    Say goodbye to colour confusion and hello to Palette Perfection!

    Valued at $50

    digital illustration of an orange and cream laptop

    “But I Can Barely Draw a Stick Figure…”

    Worried you’re not the next Da Vinci?

    Good news: you don’t need to be. 

    This course is your launchpad, tailor-made for graphic designers.

    No fine arts degree? No problem!

    You’ve got creativity to spare and you already know your way around digital drawing programs. 

    Let’s take that talent further.

    Together, we’ll start from the basics to boost your confidence, weaving illustration seamlessly into your design repertoire, leaving stick figures in the dust.

    It’s all about making your designs stand out, not mastering the Sistine Chapel.

    digital illustration of an orange and cream laptop

    Oh, the Dreaded “C” Word: Cost

    Thinking this course will break the bank?

    Think again!

    I know what it’s like to be desperate for growth and not have the money to invest in my business.

    I’ve been there, craving progress but feeling handcuffed by finances.

    So I’ve priced it not just competitively, but with affordability in mind because I understand that the last thing you need is another gigantic bill. And don’t worry about paying all at once – I offer a weekly payment plan to ease the load, letting you pay in manageable instalments.

    Here’s the deal: land just one illustration gig after you’ve aced this course, and voilà – you’ve balanced the books.

    It’s not so much about the expense as it is about investing in your skills to unlock new earning potential.

    digital illustration of an orange and cream laptop

    “But, I’ve Got Zero Time!”

    I get it, your schedule is crammed fuller than a weekend to-do list.

    That’s why I’ve designed this course for the ultimate flexibility.

    Bite-sized lessons you can dive into between client projects, during your lunch break, or in those quiet moments before the world wakes up.

    Transform your skills and business at your own pace, without the time crunch.

    You’ll also have lifetime access to the course, giving you time to come back to it at a later date if life gets hectic.

    Digital illustration of a stylised yellow chicken standing with some eggs

    Ready to crack open new opportunities?

    Your nest egg for business growth and creativity begins here!

    Got those “What if this course is just another tab left open” vibes?

    Hey, I get it. I’m here for you, every step of the way.

    Which is why my Illustration Inkubator e-course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

    Dive in, do the work, and put in the effort. If you’re not seeing any sparkle of value after 30 days, I hit the undo button on your purchase. Your investment comes back to you, no hard feelings.

    Imagine stepping into a world where your designs do more than just look pretty – they tell a story, spark emotions, and turn heads.

    That’s the future waiting for you after the Illustration Incubator course.

    Picture yourself, not just as a designer, but as a sought-after illustrator, where your work is not just seen but felt, transforming your business from one of many to the one they remember.

    Wave goodbye to the days of blending into the background and welcome a new chapter where your designs set you apart.

    With skills to diversify your income, you’ll not only attract a wider range of clients but also command projects that truly excite you.

    This course isn’t just about learning; it’s about becoming.

    Ready to make your mark?

    Let’s turn that vision into reality.

    Design for a website, featuring an illustrated cover page design.


    When does the course start?

    The course will start on 27/05/2024.  It will run for 7 consecutive weeks, with a new module going live each Monday. 

    How much time will the course take each week?

    Dedicate 30-45 minutes to watching the lessons, 15 – 30 minutes for the worksheets and 1 hour for our group call.

    How will the course be delivered?

    You will receive login details to a student portal so you can access the course online.

    New Modules will be added each Monday morning. With short videos, worksheets and resources provided.

    Our group call will be via Zoom. 

    Do I need prior illustration experience to join the course?

    Absolutely not, but some basic drawing skills would be advantageous for you.

    This course is all about taking the graphic design skills and tools you already have and using them to make awesome digital illustrations.

    It’s for graphic designers at any skill level, from complete beginners in illustration to those with some experience looking to enhance their skills.

    I’ll guide you through every step, ensuring you build a solid foundation and gain confidence in your illustration abilities.

    You will require basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator software.

    What tools or software will I need?

    You’ll need access to Adobe Illustrator, as the course heavily focuses on utilising this software for creating illustrations. 

    Adobe offers a free trial, and there are student discounts available to make it more accessible.

    You’ll also need a sketchbook and pencil OR tablet and stylus.

    How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have lifetime access to the course.

    Who’s this course for?

    This course is perfect for you if…

    • You’re a graphic designer looking to differentiate your services by incorporating illustration.
    • You’re eager to expand your skill set and explore new revenue streams within your existing business.
    • You’re creative, open to learning, and ready to invest in your professional growth to appeal to a broader range of clients.
    • You already know the basics of Adobe Illustrator.
    • You’ve hit a ceiling with what you can charge for your design packages and are looking for ways to add more value to your work.


      This course is not quite for you if…

      • You’re looking for a quick fix or aren’t willing to put in the time to practise.
      • You’re not in a position to dedicate time to learning and applying new techniques or concepts to your work.
      • You prefer sticking strictly to what you already know and are not looking to diversify your design skills or services.

      This course is designed to be a transformative journey for those ready to blend creativity with strategy, enhancing their design work with the dynamic skill of illustration.

      If you’re on the fence, think about where you want to see your business in the next year—or even the next few months.

      If ‘more creative, more in-demand, and more profitable’ are on your list, then you’ve found your next step right here.

      Will there be any direct feedback or community support?


      You’ll have access to weekly group calls where you can ask questions and get feedback.

      Plus, you’ll be part of our exclusive Facebook group, a community of like-minded designers and illustrators, where you can share your work, get insights, and support each other.

      Do you offer refunds?

      There are no refunds for change of mind.


      The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

      If you’re not seeing any value after 30 days of the 7 week course ending, just get in touch.

      To qualify for the 30-day money-back guarantee, you will need to show that you have participated in the group catch-ups (where possible), done the work and put in the effort.


      and grow your Graphic Design Biz with Illustration! 

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