12 festive-friendly design and marketing tips to spoil your brand and customers over Christmas

Read time: Less than the time it takes you to sip a mug of mulled wine (tried and tested – you’re welcome).

You’ve got the stockings sorted. Trimmed your tree and walked away with barely any bauble causalities. You’ve even bought yourself a pressie for surviving another crazy year (and if you haven’t, you definitely should. You deserve it.)

But … did you remember to put something for your other baby – aka your brand – under the tree?

If that’s a, “Crap, no.” or a, “How the heck do I give my brand a present, Kat?!” then don’t stress, I’ve got you. To get us into the silly season spirit, I’ve collected 12 festive-friendly design and marketing ideas to sprinkle some merry marketing magic over your brand.



12 ways to treat your brand over the festive season 


Give your brand some balls

Christmas balls, that is. Or bells. Or tinsel. Or reindeer antlers. Or snow. Or elves. Seriously, the festive-season brand flairs opportunities are endless (and super fun!)

digital illustration of a wearing reindeer antlers with her cat for christmas

Transform your packaging into the must-have festive season accessory

As a packaging nerd, I truly envy product-based businesses. Especially over the festive period! From packages that look like parcels straight outta Santa’s workshop through to packaging that gets even the Scroogest of humans excited about Christmas, you’ve got a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Christmas bon bons showing different surface pattern designs

Create a Winter Wonderland

Fact: Creating a festive atmosphere is half the fun of Christmas. And we don’t want your brand to miss out on the magic! If you have a physical shop or office, don’t forget to put up some on-brand decorations. Or, if you’re an online business, why not add some Christmas touches to your website?

a lady graphic designer sitting in the office at her desk with a christmas tree behind her

Gift yourself with order organisation

If the festive season is normally crazytown for your business, consider creating a cut-off date for final Christmas purchases. This gives your customers a loving boot of urgency and allows you to get orders out on time while winding down for the holidays (without stress eating all the advent calendar chocolate in one go).

Offer gift cards

Buying presents is hard (unless, y’know, it’s for yourself). Help your customers and audience out by offering easy-to-buy gift cards, vouchers and coupons that allow them to share your businesses’ brilliance with their loved ones. And while we’re on the topic…

Wrap your product or service into a pretty bow

Christmas is the perfect time to create a special gift bundle that makes it even more irresistible for your customers to invest in your product or services! Speaking of which, have I told you about my the bonus I’m offering with my branding packages throughout December? 


Book your brand package for the new year (and pay your deposit) and I’ll gift you 5 free insta post templates or 5 small clip art illustrations.  Just mention this post to claim your bonus.

Social Media posts for Christmas

Sell on social media – seriously!

This is literally shopping season. Don’t be shy! Your customers are hunting for awesome presents to buy – for themselves and their loved ones. You want your offering to be on their list, okay?

Psst – need help with festive season social media graphics? I can help!


Make your email signature merry

I talked about my unapologetic email signature snooping here, but if you missed out on it, the tl; dr is this: Email signatures are fricken awesome. They add personality to your emails and share valuable information with zero effort. For the Christmas period you can use your email signature to let your clients know if you’re taking holidays and to promote any festive season sellers/offers.

Turn your email campaigns into festive treats

Presents don’t have to be the only thing your customers are excited to open this Christmas. Get creative with your email campaign subject lines, content and design to surprise and delight your subscribers over the festive season.

illustrated orange and yellow christmas pattern with the words "Giveaway" in the middle

Create a Christmas-themed contest

Contests are clever ways to promote your business, boost your brand and build your audience while inviting your tribe to have a little fun. What’s not to love?

Show your Christmas spirit with custom cards

Christmas is a beautiful time to pause and be grateful for everything the year has given you. Including your clients! To celebrate their awesomeness and show your gratitude, you can send personalised Christmas cards and festive thank you emails to regular customers who have made your year extra special. 

Make the world a better place with valuable content

Okay, so you might not be able sprinkle world peace over the globe just yet, but you can definitely do your part to help make the festive season easier for others. Not sure where to start? Think about your blog, social media and marketing content. Then ask yourself what your audience might struggle with over the festive season. Next, focus on sharing information, guidance, wisdom or even freebies to support them.

Et voila – inner secret Santa unleashed. 

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