Surface pattern design
for bright brands

I’m a Brisbane surface pattern designer for vibrant brands who want to stand out for their individuality.

My surface pattern designs spark joy, with equal parts art, strategy and intuition.

Happy colours, quirky motifs and feelgood vibes in my surface pattern designs make your brand stand out, sparkle and sell.


Zebra Surface Pattern Design by Kat Potter from Little Black Kat Creative. Perfect for baby wear.
surface pattern design of Australian animals
Galah textile print show on a girls dress
Farm animal Pattern design

Turn up the feelgood on
your products

My surface patterns and prints amplify the fun side of your brand with my signature quirky style of animals, abstract shapes and illustrations. 

Working together to create the perfect pattern for your product, we engage your buyers and embody your values in a rainbow of colours.

Strategically sprinkling your brand over prints, homewares, packaging, stationery, bedding, décor, kids’ clothes and more, my surface patterns: 

  • Create instant brand recognition with eye popping visuals
  • Evoke happy feels in your customer
  • Build a following of loyal buyers
  • Make your products irresistible

And position your brand as the one they reach for every time, leaving your buyers feeling like the cat that got the cream.

Brisbane surface pattern artist Kat Potter from Little Black Kat Creative

Custom made
surface pattern design

Custom made surface pattern design

Get a bespoke surface pattern design that’s tailored to your brand, goals and audience.

Apply for access to my
Pre Designed Pattern library

Surface pattern

Choose from my pre-made surface patterns to licence across your products.

Let’s do it!

Whether you’re craving more juicy details or you’re ready to jump right in, fear not my friend, because I’ve got your back!

Just fill out my quote request form and voila, we’re connected! Or if you’re feeling extra bold, book a 15-minute zoom call and let’s get this party started! …Oh, and if you’re old-fashioned like me and prefer email, shoot me a message at

Can’t wait to hear from you!

The Custom pattern design process

Learn a little more about my process and what’s involved.


Complete a quote request form, or email me with your needs. Specify the number of designs, desired style (Pinterest boards work well), turnaround time, and manufacturing requirements.

Confirmation & Contract

I’ll reach out in 2 days for questions. After understanding your project, I’ll send a detailed proposal, which, when accepted, becomes our contract.  A deposit invoice will be emailed to you upon acceptance

digital illustration of a persons hands on a laptop
Concept development

We’ll determine your desired look, create moodboards if necessary, and identify suitable motifs and colours for your product

Creating & Proofing

I’ll create your motifs, let you review them, make any changes, send the final pattern for approval, and once paid, deliver your files.

Logo for Brisbane Branding Designer and illustrator

Little Black Kat Creative is a Brisbane design studio, specialising in branding, illustration and surface design for bright, vibrant businesses.

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