Logo Design for Tiny Tina branding

Tiny Tina creates fun and educational music for young children, aged 6 months to 8 years. She encourages children to sing and dance along with her and her dog Poppy. 

We worked together to create a brand that captures the fun and energetic vibe of her music. We’ve since developed a set of character illustrations and album covers to be used on music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music

Logo Design
musical instruments for business branding imagery


The Target Audience was children and mothers of children aged 6 months to 8 years. This meant the brand needed to be colourful, and appeal to both boys and girls.

The entertainer has beautiful red hair – so I knew I wanted to use bright orange in her illustrations.

I also researched colours associated with learning in children, as well as shades representing fun, energy & youthfulness.

After this research, we opted for a mix of orange, pink, blue and green, based on their meanings, shown below. Then I spent time working with different shades of each colour until I found a combination that worked well all together.

While matching “Tina’s” gorgeous orange hair, orange is also seen as friendly and energetic.

Pink has a calming, innocent and child-like feel.

Light Blue
Blue is often used to connote trust, calmness, peace, and friendliness.

Green is believed to aid concentration in learning, while also symbolising growth, stability and safety.

character illustrations of happy lady with red hair for the Tiny Tina branding project

success stories

One of the artist goals is is to be picked up my programs like ABC kids.

Since implimenting the new brand, Tina has had songs added ABC Kids listen. A radio station and on demand app for kids and their grown-ups.

An exciting step in the right direction!

jungle safari illustration drawn by Brisbane illustrator Kat Potter
different seasons and months illustration by Brisbane illustrator Kat Potter
lady and dog in space illustration drawn by Brisbane illustrator Kat Potter
drawing of dogs doing different things illustrated by Little Black Kat creative
girl with glasses and orange hair reading a book illustrated by Brisbane illustrator Kat Potter
girl with orange hair and cap against brick wall illustration

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