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As the name suggests, “The Period Box” sell boxes for girls and women with products specific to a time in their life. With a special focus on helping girls have a happy and positive first period experience.
They aim to normalise periods, while empowering young girls. Changing the negative stigma associated with periods and redirect the way girls feel about them by educating, empowering and building their confidence.

Brand colours for the Period Box Branding
Bright bold moodboard design for the Period Box, showing happy teens and sanitary products


We chose a colour palette, imagery and logo style that’s kinda in-your-face. It’s not wishy washy or too girly, but it stands out and appeals to tweens and teenagers, as well as the Mum who usually buy for them.

Hot pink is the “hero colour” for the brand. The brand aims to normalise periods, so wanted to choose something that was close to red as possible without pushing the appeance of blood too much.  We paired it with colours that are fun, happy and youthful.

Single colour (yellow) logo design for the period box brand
Single colour (hot pink) logo design for the period box brand
Single colour (purple) logo design for the period box brand
Logo design and surface pattern design for the Period Box







Brand Illustrations

Illustrations are a great way to show people what the brand is all about, while appealing to young girls in a fun way.  Where photo’s of underwear and feminine hygiene product might feel a little too much for tweens and teens, illustration makes period imagery a little less intimidating.  

a set of digital illustrations of ladies underwear and feminine hygiene products
Landscape Logo Design for The Period Box Branding
teen with her tongue out
headphones and skateboard
teenagers black shoes
pad with flowers on it

Logo design proudly featured in the Design Rush, Best Logo Designs 2022

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