Relate HR Logo Design

Relate came to me for help with their branding, wanting a full brand package. The whole shebang! We created logos, illustratons, website layout, social media and a full set of on brand designs to support their growing brand.

They are a female led HR business, wanting to help other businesses grow, whilst raising awareness and making a positive change to gender equality within the workforce.

Brand Moodboard Design for Brisbane Accounting Firm TJ Accounting Consultants

When people view and interact with the brand, we want them to feel supported, connected and safe from risk. Giving them the sense that we are genuine, fresh, bold and fearless.


We wanted to create a brand that is fresh, bold, fearless and relatable. Paired with a feminine feel, to show people their values and target audience. So we chose bold, feminine colours with fresh orange tones. Bringing in images that show people of all genders and backgrounds and ensuring that equality is shown throughout the brand.

Logo Design for Brisbane Accounting Firm TJ Accounting Consultants
Imagery for the Relate HR Brand
Pink brand texture for Relate HR
Fresh Branding for Relate HR
Landscape version of the TJ accounting logo


We brought in some fun illustrations to help portray the friendly approchable service they offer. A set of faceless as to represent different backgrounds and ages, along with line art graphics to show elements of (business) growth.

A red, white and black line art, digital illustration of a lady standing strong with her hands on her hips.

Brand Iconography

A set of branded icons were also created, to help explain sections of text on their website and for use on their instagram highlights.

We maintained the same drawing style that was used in the illustrations to keep everything consistent.


icon illustration
icon illustration and design
Icon Illustrations
Icon Illustrations
Icon Illustrations
Icon Illustrations
icon illustration
Icon Illustrations
Website Design

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