Logo Design for Red Jet Design Co

Red Jet Design Co. are a family-run web design business based in Ballarat, Victoria.

They offer web design, maintenance and high performance hosting to businesses that are based in regional towns across Australia, as well as in their hometown of Ballarat.

They aim to see regional businesses thrive online and understand the importance of having a reliable and effective online presence.


Being a family run business, the name “Red Jet” was created from an acronym using their family members names. This tied in really well their brand values as they bring their clients on a journey to improve their business, jetting them into the current digital world in which we live.

Of course the colour “red” needed to be be included in the brand, but without it being too harsh or full on. So we muted the tone and paired it with some bright and modern feeling colours. Giving the palette a fun, playful and creative feel. 

We incorporated a paper plane graphic in the logo to further show their playful and creative brand personality, then included some fun small town travel illustrations to tie it all together.

Brand imagery for the Red Jet Design Co. branding project
Brand imagery for the Red Jet Design Co. branding project
Brand imagery for the Red Jet Design Co. branding project
Brand imagery for the Red Jet Design Co. branding project
Brand imagery for the Red Jet Design Co. branding project


Some fun brand illustrations were created to reinforce their brand values, help show their fun brand personality and appeal to their target audience of regional and small town business owners.

Website Design Illustration
digital illustration of a camera
Digital illustration of a map
Digital illustration of a plane
Digital illustration of a Ballarat Swan
Digital illustration of a Ballarat Post Box

Brand Iconography

A set of branded icons were also created, to help explain sections of text on their website and for use on their instagram highlights.

We maintained the same drawing style that was used in the illustrations to keep everything consistent and provided variations in both their red and green brand colours.


Website and social media design

A website home page was designed, featuring eye-catching illustrations and a playful paper plane graphic to enhance its appeal. This successful implementation sparked a brilliant inspiration in the client’s mind, providing a clear direction for the overall style of the website.

Having a strong social media presence is of utmost importance, which is why we went the extra mile and crafted a range of Instagram story and post templates that can be easily customised by the client using Canva. Additionally, we provided a grid design, complete with clear art direction and a set of instructions to ensure consistency and adherence to the brand guidelines.

Website illustration and design
Instagram templates and grid design

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