Reel Food Families Logo

Real Food Families offers nutritional support to families during their pregnancy journey and beyond. Including infant nutrition, introducing solids, post natal depression and anxiety, food intolerances and breast feeding nutrition.

They offer online nutrition courses and ebooks, but see the business growing to become a multi modailty clinic. Incorporating nutrition, naturopathy, psychology and lactation consultancy.

Real Food Families brand colours next to a Mum sitting on the ground playing with her baby


Real food Families Logo Design shown on a dinner plate


We wanted to choose colours and a logo style that make people feel compassion, nurture, support and a holistic well being, while also showing that the business focuses on “real” food.

Brown was chosen because it is a natural colour that is associated with the earth. It’s known as a colour that gives a sense of stability and support. We paired it with pink because pink represents compassion and nurturing.

Greens is associated with health food and health eating, yellow is optimistic and happy and blue gives the feeling of compassion.  Light blue often being associated with health and healing.

Soft, organic feeling colours were chosen to give the brand a feeling of health and wellbeing, while the pastel tones also feel soft, light and calming to look at.

Digital illustration of an apple, banana and broccoli, digitally drawn for the Real Food Families branding
A landscape version of the Real Food Families logo shown in reverse next to a lady holding her baby

Brand Imagery

We continued the soft organic feeling through in the brand imagery. Picking an editing style with muted brown tones. Then choosing images that shows families, mothers and babies, fresh fruit and vegetables and home kitchens.

Design mockup of the Real Food Families logo on a card
Kitchen setting
little girl kissing her Mothers pregnant stomach

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