Muld Pottery Logo Design

MULD is a Brisbane handmade pottery business, selling cute and colourful mugs, planters, trinket dishes and snack bowls.

They want to help art lovers from across the globe feel like they are helping make a difference by purchasing creative products from a business that gives back and spreads joy though art.

colour palette for Muld Pottery
Brand moodboard for the Muld Brand


We aimed to reiterate the cute and happy personality of the brand and match the products that people can expect to see in their store.

Bight fun colours were chosen, not only because of how they make people feel when seeing them, but they are also colous that are commonly used on their pots.

Darker shades were added to tone down the overall palette and bring in some contrast.

A cat face simillar to the faces on their pots was drawn for the logo, then paired with a fun, “clay like” font.

Supporing imagery is bright and quirky, showing funny faced animals, plants and of course their gorgeous products.

Thank you card design
Cat Face sub mark for the Muld Brand
Cat Face sub mark for the Muld Brand
Cat Face Illustration for the Muld Brand

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