Logo Design for Barbara Nigg Copywriter

Barbara Nigg is a Canadian born Copywriter living in Switzerland.

She specialises in corporate communications, writing about global and local business trends. But her vision for the business is to focus on a more fun style of writing, offering conversational copywriting for female entrepreneurs.

Her services include; creating a brand tone of voice, content for websites and blogs and teaching business owners how to write engaging digital copy.

Barbaras copywriting connects (“clicks”) with customers, builds a positive reputations, generates leads and boosts sales.

Moodboard design for the Barbara Nigg Branding


Barbara Nigg Landscape Logo Design


We wanted to show the creative, witty and fun side of the brand to appeal to her new target audience – while being careful not to go too far and confuse her current corporate clients. So, we chose a bright fun colour palette, then toned it down with the charcoal.

For the logo we chose a nice serif font, to reflect traditional text and paired it with a fun quirky font in the tag line. We created a speech bubble graphic for the logo, to show that she is a conversational copywriter, then added movement lines to emphasise the “click”.

Supporting brand graphics were created to work with the logo. And after getting to know Barbara over our online meetings, I was able to draw a fun portrait of her face to use in her branding and as a secondary logo mark.

Barbara Nigg Face Illustration
Barbara Nigg Face Illustration on Teal
Barbara Nigg Face Illustration on Yellow
Reversed coloured logo design for Barbara Nigg Copywriter

Brand Imagery

Her target audience work smarter. They‘re more interested in work/life balance than climbing the corporate ladder.

We chose brand photography that’s going to appeal to her ideal client. Photos have a light, bright and colourful editing style. They show things like books, a happy lifestyle, the tools Barbara uses in her work and brand photos that show her bright and fun personality.

Pile of pink books
vintage typewriter on a yellow background
Barbara Nigg Copywriter
teal painting texture
Business Card Design for the Barbara Nigg Brand

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