From Sketch to Success - Business Skills for illustrating designers

From Sketch to Success: Business Skills for Illustrating Designers (48 hour discount)

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A self-guided course designed for Graphic Designers who want to seamlessly blend illustration into their business.

Across three comprehensive lessons, this course delves into vital business skills, encompassing pricing strategies, effective brief-taking for precise quoting, masterful proposal crafting, and the intricacies of contracts.

As a bonus, I’m sharing my strategies, templates, and forms that brought success to my Graphic Design and illustration business.

What you will learn

Together, we’re exploring the world of pricing, where factors matter more than numbers. We’ll reveal the secrets beyond the surface, giving you insights to make decisions that reflect your work’s value and expertise.

Curious about understanding client needs through briefs? I’ll guide you in mastering the skill of asking the right questions. You’ll learn to grasp your client’s desires, essential for creating accurate quotes.

We’ll also dive into crafting proposals that not only secure clients and projects but turn them into fans. I’ll walk you through the key ingredients, breaking them into easy steps.

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