Sprinkle fun into your brand with colourful illustrations

Illustrations are a powerful way to say alllllll the things you want the world to know about your brand. 

Because the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text (thanks Thermopylae Sciences + Technology), illustrations are the perfect solution to get your message across. 

Fun, emotive and fully customised, my illustrations bring your brand alive with depth and character. 


Digital illustration of Brisbane illustrator Kat Potter

Amplify your brand
with Brisbane illustrator,
Katrina Potter

I’m a Brisbane illustrator for brands with the same quirky, colour-loving style as me.

I work with businesses around Australia who want to step away from vanilla branding.

You’re ready to catapult head-first into a vibrant world of genuine connection with bespoke illustrations that captivate your audience.

You want to polish your presence and be instantly recognisable for your buzzworthy vibe.

Infinitely useable across all your brand touchpoints, my illustrations magnify your unique brand purrsonality across your:


Brand characters

Social media




Custom icons


And anywhere you want your brand to turn heads and open hearts. …And wallets.

I’d love to work with you to create illustrations that bring depth, soul and style to your brand.

Brand illustration


You can provide me a list, or you and I can both brain storm a set of objects to illustrate. Think of the “stereotypical” objects associated with your business, or things that might reflect your brand personality.

I’ll then use our ideas to digitally draw a set of basic complexity clip art style illustrations to match your brand.

All individual elements are supplied as separate .png files, so you can mix and match to create your own scenarios.

SET OF 10 $450 / SET OF 20 $800
(time frames vary, but usually 2 weeks from invoice payment)

Set of flat style moving house Clipart illustrations

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