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The Design Biz Quiz

Take the quiz and uncover the right illustration style for your Graphic Design business.

101 ways to diversify your graphic design business. Free download.

101 Ways to Diversify your Income with Illustration

A guide for Graphic Designers seeking new ways to grow their income!

Creative Drawing activities for busy graphic designer parents

Creative Drawing Activities for busy Graphic Designer Parents

Improve your drawing skills and engage with your children at the same time.

Creative Drawing activities for busy graphic designer parents

The Icon illustration Starter Kit

My 6 Step Guide to designing custom icons.

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“The Illustration Playground – for Graphic Designers”

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Brisbane Illustrator and surface pattern designer, Kat Potter
This month’s all about drawing expressive faces with the “5-minute Faces” challenge!
digital Illustrator and Designer, Kat Potter sitting crossed legged with a black cat on her shoulder.

Design + Drawing

= Dollars

An ecourse for graphic designers who want to upskill, increase their service offering and make more money.

Launching this May

This 7 week course is all about leveraging existing skills to create stunning illustrations, alongside developing creative business acumen, portfolio enhancement, and niche discovery.

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