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Business Skills for Illustrating Designers

Grow your graphic design business with my self-guided mini course! Seamlessly integrate illustration into your services by getting your business templates and pricing tools in top shape.

Design + Illustration = Creative Biz Bliss

Congrats! You’ve taken the plunge and decided to spice up your design biz with some killer illustration services! Your portfolio’s had a makeover, your skills are on point, and you’ve got your go-to styles all lined up.

What’s the next step?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty business stuff!

Grow your design biz with Smooth Sailing Strategies!

Alright, I can see you itching to grab that pencil and start creating! But hold on, my creative amigo! 

By prepping your Business Toolkits,  from the get-go is going to streamline your business. Meaning smooth sailing, lightning-fast responses to customers, and an ultra-professional vibe. 

I’m talking pre-set pricing strategies and price guides, ready-made brief forms, and proposal document templates.

So, let’s get those ducks in a row and watch your creative empire flourish!

Illustration training for graphic designers

Your Path to Creative Success

Wanna know my magic recipe for running a successful design and illustration biz from day one?

It’s all about having some ready-to-roll templates and battle-tested strategies in your toolkit. And I’m dishing out the secrets to:

♥ Nailing down your pricing game
♥ Mastering the art of brief taking
♥ AND Cooking up killer proposals

Let’s take this creative journey together and make your illustration dreams a reality!

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how this course will grow your business…

Boosted Efficiency:

Imagine setting your prices and using a clear pricing guide. It’s like having a shortcut to get your projects rolling faster. No more time wasted on negotiations – more time for your creative flow!

Say Goodbye to Confusion:

Crafting killer briefs is like having a secret code for crystal-clear communication. You’ll make revisions a thing of the past! Ask the right questions, and you’ll be on the same page with your clients from day one.

Pro-Level Professionalism:

When you create pro-level proposals and use pro contracts, you’ll come off as a seasoned pro yourself. Clients will trust you more, and your reputation will skyrocket. Plus, you’ll attract even more clients.

What You’ll Learn

Master pricing and project briefs. Learn to set rates that showcase your value, ask the right questions for solid project understanding, and create proposals that excite your clients and win you the jobs!


Brisbane logo and brand designer Kat Potter


Pricing Strategies for Illustration Projects

Ever wonder if you’re charging too much or too little for your illustrations? Say hello to expert pricing guidance! You’ll master the art of setting competitive yet profitable rates, boosting your confidence, and attracting clients who value your skills.

Video 1: Factors to consider when setting prices.
Video 2: How I price my illustration projects + I’ll walk you through my price guide.
Bonus: My Pricing Formula.




Brief taking like a boss

Crafting killer briefs is essential, and I’ve got the secret sauce for it. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and revisions with my guide to asking the right questions!

Video 1: The art of brief taking and asking the right questions.
Video 2: The briefing questions and form I use in my business + I’ll walk you through the brief form I use in my business.
Bonus: Ready made brief form (inDesign template).




Crafting effective proposals

Your proposals can make or break your business. Discover the magic behind crafting irresistible, pro-level proposals that get clients buzzing with excitement about your vision. It’s the art of proposal writing, and I’ll show you the way!

Video 1: Creating and structuring proposals – what to include.
Video 2: I’ll walk you through the proposal document and contract I use in my business that wins me the jobs.
Bonus: Contract and legal resource sheet for professional assistance. With contacts for specialists in creative legals provided. 

Taking the ‘Business Skills for Illustrating Designers’ course was a game-changer for my creative business. I learned how to confidently price my work, craft clear briefs, and write persuasive proposals. It transformed my business, making pricing, project management, and client communication a breeze. Highly recommended!

Sarah Henderson

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From Sketch to Success: Business Skills for Illustrating Designers



Incase we haven’t met yet, I’m Kat.

And I Get It, You’re Not Alone!

I know you’ve got big dreams and even bigger talent. You’re on the brink of an exciting journey into the world of  illustration, and I’m here to tell you – I’ve been there, too!

I started my creative business as a Graphic Designer, keen to bring something fun and unique to my service offering.

From nailing down pricing to conquering the art of brief taking, I’ve walked the path and gathered some pretty cool hacks and tricks along the way. My goal is to equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to embrace illustration with open arms and confidence.

Brisbane graphic designer, illustrator and surface pattern artist Kat Potter from Little Black Kat Creative
Custom made surface pattern design


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