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Ever noticed how businesses evolve over time? Change is inevitable, and with it, our once shiny branding might start to feel a tad outdated.

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A brand review (also known as an “audit” or “evaluation”) is your opportunity to reflect on your brand, determine if it might be time to hit refresh, and learn what you need to do next.

My workbook asks all the questions needed to establish what is and isn’t working, so you can start building a brand that:

  • Better reflects your brand personality
  • Appeals to your target audience


  • Stands out from your competitors
  • Looks more consistent and memorable


Brand Audit Review workbook

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Need help With your Review?

Work with me.

If the idea of reviewing you’re own brand sounds overwhelming, then I’m here to help.  With years of design experience and an honest opinion, I’ll help check and evaluate what needs improving in your brand.

Step 1.
You to fill out an extensive briefing form, so I can get to know you and your business. Then I’ll have a good snoop at your current brand designs.

Step 2.
We catch up via a 30 minute Zoom call and discuss the information you have provided in your brief. This also gives you a chance to pick my brain on all things brand design.

Step 3.
After our chat, I’ll go away evaluate everything.

I’ll be checking if your visuals are consistent & aligned with your target audience and vibe. …Gotta make sure everything’s in sync, right?

Step 4.
Once I’ve got everything sorted out, I’ll shoot you an email with a .pdf containing all my awesome suggestions and a nifty mood board for the brand direction.

Not stopping there, I’ll also send you a video recording where I’ll chat through the document, making sure you’re in the loop about any changes I suggest.

And guess what? I’ll hook you up with a quote too! This way, you’ll see the price tag for any awesome changes I recommend.

Your investment cost



When all the pieces of your brand puzzle fit perfectly, you’ve got a supercharged tool to outshine your competition and grow your biz!

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