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You’ve honed your design skills to perfection, creating logos that dance off the screen and layouts that resonate with clients’ visions. Your artistic flair is undeniable, but what if I told you that there’s a colourful world beyond the familiar realms of graphic design waiting for you to explore? 

Diversifying your income as a graphic designer can be the key to unlocking new opportunities, unleashing your creativity, and securing a more stable financial future. So, let’s journey together into the enchanting realm of income diversity, with a special focus on the magical art of illustration.

The Power of Income Diversity

Being a graphic designer doesn’t mean limiting yourself to a single canvas. Embracing income diversity means opening doors to alternative revenue streams that can soften the blows of freelance droughts and industry fluctuations. Diversification shields you from putting all your artistic eggs in one basket, providing a safety net while boosting your overall financial resilience.

The Artful Pivot: Why Illustration?

Imagine your design skills flowing onto paper, creating whimsical characters, captivating scenes, and visual narratives that tell stories with each stroke of your pen. Illustration is an ideal complement to graphic design, allowing you to tap into a different market, expand your client base, and express your creativity in novel ways. From book covers to editorial spreads, packaging to merchandise design, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.


From Pixels to Pencils: Ways to Incorporate Illustration 

Editorial Illustration:

Magazines and newspapers are hungry for engaging visuals that enhance their content, offering a platform for your unique style to shine.


Illustrations can inject personality and charm into brand identities, making them unforgettable in a sea of sameness.

Art Licensing:

Licence your illustrations for use on products like home décor, textiles, accessories, and more. This allows you to earn royalties from your artwork being used across a range of merchandise.

Custom Portraits:

Offer custom illustration services to create personalised portraits for individuals, couples, families, and even pets. Your unique style can capture cherished memories and make for unforgettable gifts.

Gone are the days of relying solely on client gigs. Illustration offers a vibrant gateway to diverse income streams, from art prints and ebooks to branding wizardry. So, dear designers, let your creative spirit soar by adding illustrations to your repertoire.

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