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You’ve just unlocked the door to your creative evolution by enrolling in 

The Illustration Inkubator!

I’m over the moon to have you here!

Get ready to dive deep, my friend. We’re about to turn your graphic design prowess into illustration magic.

Imagine elevating your current design skills to not only create breathtaking digital art, but also seamlessly integrate illustration into your design offerings! Whether you’re selling these visual masterpieces or enhancing your design services, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Before we hit the fast track to your illustrator stardom, let’s get you ready.

The Illustration Incubator Handbook is your friendly guide, here to help you squeeze every bit of goodness out of your e-course journey and make your illustration adventure as rewarding as possible.

Got questions along the way?

Shoot them over to me at and I’ll be happy to assist.

Or pop your questions in our private Facebook group.

With heaps of enthusiasm and a sprinkle of excitement, welcome aboard!

Let’s make some illustration magic happen.

Cheers to your success,
Kat x

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