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colourful illustration of an old style telephone sitting on a pile of books next to a sleeping black cat and a coffee cup


How much do you charge?

Logo, branding, general design and illustrations: Download my price guide HERE.

Custom surface pattern design: Email me at, tell me a little bit more about your project and I will email you a copy of my price list.


How long will it take?

Because each project is different, timing will vary.

I can usually make a start on your project within 2 weeks of receiving your payment/deposit payment.

My smaller branding package takes aprox 4 weeks from your start date, the biggest takes 8 weeks from your start date.

I can generally have a pattern design finalised within 2 weeks of your start date.

I don't live in Brisbane, can we still work together?

You bet! I run an online business, and I’ve teamed up with clients from every corner of the globe.

I need something created ASAP, can you help me?

If you require something on a tight timeline, I’ll do my best to accommodate.

However, the feasibility depends on my current schedule and the project’s complexity.

Please be aware that rush orders may incur an additional fee to account for any necessary schedule adjustments or overtime work.

What if I don’t like the design / illustration you have created?

Fear not! I’m all about teamwork and making your vision come to life. I’ll pick your creative brain, throw in a few questions, and even peek at your screenshots and Pinterest boards for that extra burst of inspiration.

And let’s be real, you’ve probably already checked out my portfolio, right? If you dig my design vibe, chances are you’ll love what I whip up for you!

I also offer revisions for 100% satisfaction! (usually 2 – 3 rounds are included in your quoted price).  So if you receive your first draft and don’t feel it answers the brief, just give me a shout and we can change course.

What if I change my mind?

No problemo! Flexibility is my middle name.

But here’s the scoop: once I’ve already rolled up my sleeves and dived into your project, taking a detour or introducing a fresh concept halfway through, might bring along some extra expenses.

What is your design process?

For Branding Pojects, check out process HERE

For general illustration & design projects:

  • Send me an email to let me know the service you are interested in as well as your required time frame (I am usually booked 2-4 weeks in advance).
  • I’ll get back to you with my current availability & ask some questions about your project.
  • If you’re happy with the time frame and have requested a service from my price guide, I will email you an invoice. For larger projects, I also get you to sign a contract. (if your project needs quoting, then this will be emailed to your first.)
  • Once your deposit / payment has been made, I can schedule your job into my production time table. (I require upfront payment for jobs under $500, otherwise it’s half upfront and half upon completion)
  • I’ll present your proofs and we will email back and forth until you are 100% happy with the final design. (There are generally 2-3 rounds of revisions included in your quoted cost. I find this is usually all that is needed, but on the rare occasion additional revisions are required, they are available at $100+gst per hour.)
  • Once approved final payment will be required (for jobs over $500) and once paid, I will either email files directly to you, or provide you with a dropbox link to download your files.
Can I take image off the internet for you to use in my designs?

Sadly, that’s a no-go! While sending over screenshots of images or designs you love is A-okay for inspiration, I can’t work magic with stuff swiped off a Google image search. It’s not just a no-no; it’s also illegal to take and use someone else’s images in your design. 

But fear not! I specialise in creating custom drawn illustrations so I can design and illustrate for you. If budget is a concern, I can direct you to some great free or low cost stock image websites, where you can license and choose from a number of great images.

We are a new business with a small budget, are you negotiable on price, or can I get a discount?

I don’t offer discounts sorry, but I can tailor a smaller package for you and offer suggestions on how you can reduce your design costs.

Do you design websites?

Absolutely! However, I don’t handle the technical development aspect.

What I can do is create the layout and graphics for your website. Once the design is complete, I’ll provide you with a PDF document and a packaged Adobe Illustrator file, showcasing the final design. From there, you can either take on the website building process yourself or share the document with your developer to bring the design to life.

Sprightly Summer Surface Pattern Design
Kat Potter. A colour loving graphic designer, digital illustrator and surface pattern artist based in Brisbane, Queensland.
Set of 4 colourful illustrated greeting cards for birthday, mother's day and more! Featuring florals, fruit, cats and dogs.
Colorful paper dolls with interchangeable outfits, accessories, and hairstyles, ready for creative play and customization.
Veggie Delight! A bright and colourful surface pattern design featuring abstract and minimal looking vegetables

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