Digital illustration of 2 Christmas Candy canes on an orange background

My 5 Fav Holiday Colour Palettes

When we think Christmas colours, most of us instantly think of the traditional “Red and Green”.

But …I don’t always want to follow the crowd when it comes to tradition.

I love to push my colour palettes and come up with something different. Creating new and exciting combinations, that give the viewer a feeling that resonates with the theme of the project I’m designing.

To help with your creative holiday projects this year, I’ve put together 5 Christmas colour palettes to help inspire and get the creativity flowing

1. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink, a sweet pink, red and green christmas colour palette

I love using pink in my Christmas designs. Try pairing traditional Red and Green with Shades of pink to soften the feel of your colour palette and give it a touch of femininity and sweetness.

2. Sophisticated Winter Christmas

Christmas colour inspiration with a blue and green colour palette

Blue is traditionally quite a calming colour, associated with tranquility and security. But bring in an olive shade of green and it becomes a little elegant and sophisticated.

3. Happy Christmas Colours

Happy Christmas colour inspiration with a bright pink, orange, yellow, blue and green colour palette

Bright colours are known for their connection to positivity, happiness and fun. Giving your design project a fun and energetic vibe.

4. Coastal Christmas Colours

Christmas Colour inspiration, showing coastal blues, red and sand

It’s summer here in Australia at Christmas time, so summer holidays and Christmas go hand in hand! Why not pair some relaxing coastal colours with a pop of Christmas red.

5. Earthy and Organic Christmas Colours

Christmas colour inspiration with a brown and green colour palette

Pairing a traditional green with some earthy brown is bound to give your design a natural and organic feel.

And there you go! My 5 fav colour palettes for Christmas.

A well though out colour palette, gives the viewer feelings that resonates with the theme and purpose of the design. You want to grab their attention, so it’s important to get it right so you are sending the right messages with your colour choices.

to learn more about the different emotions colours portray by downloading my colour psychology cheat sheet.

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Katrina Potter

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